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Credit management outlook in Vietnam in the First Half of 2023

8th Jun 2023, Industry Insights

The Credit management outlook Vietnam’s economy is currently in a gloomy gray color. Specifically, this situation is reflected in the balance sheets of domestic banks with many of them… Read More »

Quality monitoring in debt collections

30th Aug 2022, Industry Insights

Contact centres are the first face of the company and the brand advocates for the company. But it is also necessary to understand that the contact centres and people… Read More »

Engage your customers with greater empathy

8th Aug 2022, Industry Insights

Human beings thrive on emotions and similarly when we look at our customers, we should never forget that they are the most important stakeholders of the company and the… Read More »

Embracing machine learning to create positive consumer experiences in debt collections

21st Jul 2022, Technology

Machine learning is the application of artificial intelligence to provide systems the ability to learn automatically and improve their understanding without being programmed explicitly. In the context of keeping… Read More »

Asian Fintech FLOW Achieves Profitability, Appoints New CEO

15th Jul 2022, Company News

SINGAPORE.  July 15, 2022.  FLOW, the ethical collections fintech start-up announced today it achieved both EBITDA profitability and positive cash flow.  The company’s move into the black was driven… Read More »

Effective Collection Call Scripts for Better Recovery

28th Jun 2022, Industry Insights

Contact centres are the first source of communication for customers and when customers call them, they expect an accurate, speedy and appropriate resolution for their concerns. When there are… Read More »

All about automation in debt collection

23rd May 2022, Technology

To begin with, Debt collection is the forefront of every lending business as it directly supports the revenues of a company. With the growing consumer market and the affinity… Read More »

Raising the Bar on Credit Management Quality Assurance with EQATE

27th Apr 2022, Company News

Traditionally, the amount recovered from debt collections is the ultimate measurement of performance metric. While this is still a key goal, lenders and collectors are now placing an increased… Read More »

Credit Market Trends in Emerging Asian Markets

20th Apr 2022, Industry Insights

Asian credit market looks forward with confidence post the pandemic, however, due to the Ukraine and Russian wars, there is a huge deal of volatility in the market which… Read More »

Deleveraging of Debts: How can this improve the Credit Ecosystem

25th Feb 2022, Industry Insights

Bad loan problem is one of the biggest challenges for a nation.  A debt pile impacts the valuations of companies and their overall financial health. This in turn is… Read More »

The Digital Transformation of the Credit Industry Today

10th Feb 2022, Industry Insights

The past five years have witnessed the rise of FinTech companies and solutions which has led to a completely new and transformed financial services landscape. Some of the parameters… Read More »

Emerging Credit Market Trends in Asia

27th Jan 2022, Industry Insights

Asia is home to one of the largest consumer markets and still growing. A $10 trillion consumption growth opportunity is on offer as the market changes dynamically with new… Read More »

Kabila’s Internship Journey in Flow

15th Jan 2022, Company News

It has been about four months since I have been a part of Flow. I started out as a part–time HR Intern and currently I am HR Associate under… Read More »

2021 in-review: Top 5 articles of the year

28th Dec 2021, Company News

2022 will mark the third year that we will be living in a Covid-19 pandemic era. As governments and businesses in Asia gradually move from coping with a pandemic… Read More »