Indonesia’s Grueling Road to Economic Recovery

20th Jul 2020, Industry Insights

Indonesia's economy could grow by 2.5% in 2020. However, this growth is dependent on the nature of the pandemic for the second half of the year. With exports and… Read More »

Vietnam: Positive GDP Growth Forecast, but High NPL Risk

25th Jun 2020, Industry Insights

Vietnam has done a great job in handling the COVID-19 pandemic, but the economy has not been spared from the global recession. Consequently, loan delinquencies are surging. What is… Read More »

Is Debt Sale the Answer to the Growing Loan Bubble?

19th Jun 2020, Industry Insights

To maintain financial prudence and a sound banking system with moderate bad debt levels, financial institutions will need to figure out efficient risk management. Traditional solutions have not helped… Read More »

Get Your Guide to Improving Recovery During a Downturn

12th Jun 2020, Industry Insights

This whitepaper examines the challenges that define debt recovery during economic crisis, solutions lenders can adopt to evolve their collection process. From new technologies and approaches to better segmentation… Read More »

Twofold Blow for Retail Loans in India’s Banks: Credit Growth Slowdown & Rising NPLs

28th May 2020, Industry Insights

With a reduction in asset book and deterioration in asset quality across portfolios, banks' success in debt recovery will largely depend on the use of correct strategies concentrated towards… Read More »

Growing Non-Performing Loans in the Time of COVID-19

22nd Apr 2020, Industry Insights

After 3 to 6 months of debt moratorium, banks’ balance sheets will be stretched. There will be a surge in debt collection activities. Hence, it will get challenging for… Read More »

Digitising Debt Collections: Driving Personalisation for Better Results

28th Oct 2019, Industry Insights

Consumers end up paying faster and consistently when they are sent personalised communication that helps tailor their debt repayment plans according to their life stage.

Digitised Debt Collection: Here’s Why it’s Good for Borrowers

15th Oct 2019, Industry Insights

Rather than punish debtors for non-payment or delayed payment, digital collection promotes good payment behavior through an informative approach, timely advice, and flexible payment options. This is a win-win… Read More »

Avoiding a P2P Lending Crisis in Indonesia

14th Aug 2019, Industry Insights

Borrowers are crushed by impossible interest rates (up to 2% a day) and administration fees that lead to ballooning debts by unscrupulous lenders. Desperate borrowers then refinance their loans… Read More »

India’s Digital Transformation – How it’s Changing the Country’s Consumer Debt Collection

15th Mar 2019, Industry Insights

Outstanding consumer loans grew by almost 18% in India in March 2018 as compared to the previous year. The trend is likely to continue as individual borrowers increasingly default… Read More »

What Indonesian Fintechs Should Know About Debt Collection

3rd Jan 2019, Industry Insights

Indonesian fintechs must also consider about the other end of the lending process: how to recoup their disbursements from consumers in the most ethical, cost-effective and professional way. This… Read More »

Transforming Debt Collection in Vietnam

17th Oct 2018, Industry Insights

With market education, banks will discover how tech-enabled debt collection will enable them to communicate with consumers more efficiently, in a way that is personalised, hence ultimately recover more… Read More »

The Jakarta Post: Innovating Debt Collection

8th Sep 2018, Industry Insights

There is an unequal distribution of innovation. Banks, consumer lenders and other FIs are reinventing faster for people to obtain access to financing, such as the multitude of digital… Read More »