SINGAPORE – October 09, 2020 – Shortly after Asia Collect Holding Pte. Ltd. (“Flow”) announced its debt capital raise from Genesis Alternative Ventures, the pioneer in providing integrated ethical credit management services in Asia acquired its first consumer loan portfolio in Indonesia valued at USD 43 million from a leading international multi-financial Lender.

This transaction further reinforces Flow’s position as the trusted partner to financial institutions to address the burgeoning NPL’s in Asia caused by the Covid-led economic storm.

By integrating customer-centric operational processes with proprietary AI technologies, Flow motivates borrowers to repay using data-driven knowledge on consumers’ behaviors for highly personalised engagement. Furthermore, with the regulators’ recent growing concern of consumers’ need of financial literacy in Indonesia, Flow hopes to take this opportunity as a platform to further educate borrowers through their debt-resolution journey.

Tomasz Borowski, co-founder and CEO of Flow said, “This is a significant step for our company in Indonesia. In keeping with our mission, we can reach out to further support borrowers in troubles, create optimal payment plans for them thus helping them overcome their financial difficulties.”

“We see immense opportunity in helping financial institutions and consumer lenders to manage their COVID-related, delinquent portfolios by changing the approach to debt collection. By purchasing NPL portfolios from them, we enable them to focus on their core tasks, while cleaning up their balance sheets. At the national level, it increases capital resources for further lending and strengthens a country’s economic growth. We are focused on executing on many more such transactions going forward.”

About Flow

Founded in 2016, Flow is a credit management company that is transforming the business of unsecured consumer finance through AI technologies and ethical practices in the APAC region. Redefining debt collection begins with creating personalised, digital-first experiences that help consumers overcome their financial difficulties. Flow’s data-driven collection strategies have proven, remarkable recovery rates for top financial institutions and technology companies and have supported over 2.8 million consumers to date. Flow’s international management team has decades of experience in credit management services and consumer finance. Headquartered in Singapore, the company launched its first operations in Vietnam in 2016 and has since expanded to Indonesia and India.